Lunch ‘n Learns 

The following videos will show you how to get your month-end numbers into Compass, …

Lunch 'n Learn - You've got budget questions, we've got budget answers!

Join us as we tackle the most frequently asked budgeting questions and procedures in Compass. We’ll cover topics like: Where does the data go? Which reports should I use? What happens when it’s a new month-end?


Lunch 'n Learn - Red Flags! Who Needs ‘Em? Not You!

Let’s review the two most common asked about red flags, why they are important and how to correct them.


Lunch 'n Learn - PPP Loans; Recording, Forecasting, & Measuring Impact

PPP Loans; let’s review setting htem up in Compass, how to forecast the portfolio and what reports to use for best measuring impact.


Lunch 'n Learn - Compass Version 8.3.60 (39:50)

The latest Compass release is almost here, and we want to give you the lowdown. Join us for a Lunch ‘n Learn as we give you a sneak peek of the newest enhancements, coming the week of October 24th!

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Lunch n Learn Compass New Release Oct 2016

Lunch n' Learn - Budgeting and Planning FAQs (47:48)

Get all of your budgeting/planning questions answered once and for all!


Lunch n' Learn - Budgeting Wrap-Up (36:56)

You’ve finalized your budget – now what? Learn what to do after your budget is complete during this interactive Lunch ‘n Learn.

Budget Wrap Up 2017.01.17

Lunch n' Learn - Communicate Your Numbers Like a Pro (35:05)

You have the numbers, but how do you make them tell your banks story? Learn how to use numbers to communicate like a pro during this interactive Lunch ‘n Learn.

Communicate Your Numbers Like a PRO

Lunch n' Learn - Forecasting & What-ifs (48:46)

You have a budget, but now it’s off! What do you do? Learn how to reforecast your plan during this interactive Lunch ‘n Learn!

Reforecast 2017.04.18

Lunch n' Learn - Pricing Model Maintenance (41:57)

How do you maintain pricing models when market rates are changing? Watch the recording to hear best practices, presentation tips, and a live Q&A.

Pricing Models 2017.05.23_Handout

Lunch n' Learn - Maximize the Compass Add-ins for Excel (40:50)

You may already have the Compass Add-In for Excel, but are you using it to its fullest potential? Learn about the custom set of Excel functions that let you automate your spreadsheets during this interactive Lunch & Learn.

Excel Add In 2017.07.27

Lunch n' Learn - Compass Clean Up (51:25)

For banks and credit unions, fall is planning season. Learn how to get your Compass housekeeping done before budgeting starts during this interactive Lunch & Learn.

Compass Checklist


Lunch n' Learn - All About Reports (40:49)
Lunch n' Learn - Budgeting Q&A (36:44)
Lunch n' Learn - Plansmith Resources (31:23)
Lunch n' Learn - All About Graphs (36:03)
Lunch n' Learn - Executive Dashboard (36:55)
Lunch n' Learn - New Compass Version 8.3.62


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