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Comprehensive Internet Rate Risk and Asset Liability Management Software for Institutions of All Sizes
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For Banks and Credit Unions that need an outside partner, Plansmith’s expert advisors offer a variety of services including:
Outsourced IRR and Cash Flow Modeling
IRR Assumption Development
Sensitivity & Stress Testing
Capital Planning, Stress Testing
& More


Examiners are using new measurements and metrics to evaluate funding risk and rate your Liquidity.

Do you know what they are?

Read our latest white paper, Liquidity Risk Measurements: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, as first appeared in the April and May 2019 issues of Bank Asset/Liability Management.

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Mitigating Interest Rate Risk and Preparing for Exams is Easy with Plansmith’s Asset Liability Management Solutions

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Manage IRR and Meet Regulatory Expectations

Don’t Take Any Risks with Interest Rate Changes or Regulatory Exams
Being prepared for interest rate changes and regulatory exams is critical to the success of any financial institution. ALM systems should help identify and manage risk, as well as meet examiner expectations.

Unfortunately, many of these systems are more hassle than help. Difficult, inaccurate reports leave you and your board wondering how changes in interest rates could impact your business.


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As former bankers, we understand how worrisome it is when your current ALM solution isn’t delivering the information you need. During the past 45 years working with banks and credit unions, we have developed both software and advisory services to support your needs and eliminate those fears. Our ALM software generates quick, accurate and clear reporting. Our Risk Advisory Services group is staffed with former examiners who can guide you with assumption development, report explanation, backtesting, and policy development for interest rate risk, liquidity, and contingency funding.

Managing Interest Rate Risk and preparing for exams is easy with Plansmith:

1. Schedule a discovery call to identify the ideal solution

2. Get reliable ALM reporting and support

3. Mitigate IRR and meet regulatory expectations

Don’t waste another day. Schedule a discovery call. And be sure to check out our pocket guide, What Examiners Are Looking For: Interest Rate Risk Management so you can be better prepared.

Don’t let Interest Rate Risk cost you earnings or result in exam criticisms and additional regulatory oversight Let Plansmith guide you to reliable analysis and risk reporting you can understand so you are prepared for interest rate changes and regulatory exams.

Is Your IRR Management Program Missing One of These Key Items

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