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Implementing CECL Doesn’t Have to be Complicated
Get automatic updates to call report data
Compare trends and gain insights with competitive peer analysis
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Get a high-level view to make better decisions

A Straightforward CECL Solution for Community Banks and Credit Unions

Streamline Your Allowance for Credit Loss Calculation and Be Prepared for Compliance with CECL.

Access Anytime, Anywhere with our Web-Based Platform

Automatically updated quarterly with Call Report Data
Test Unlimited Scenarios with No Additional Costs

Built by Financial Accounting Standards Experts

Other CECL Solutions Are:

Difficult to Implement

Outrageously Expensive

Frustrating to Use

What Makes Plansmith’s Solution So Easy and Affordable?

Keep Your CECL Solution Simple!

Our Call Report based methodology is
consistent with recent regulatory guidance and utilizes the weighted-average remaining maturity (WARM) method for historical loss rate computations.

Easily select the relevant historical
data which most closely resembles the
condition of your current loan portfolio.

BankTrends maintains your historically submitted regulatory filings and utilizes that information to build historical portfolio loss rates going back over 11 years. This loss information is then aggregated with user input assumptions from your current interest rate risk model to forecast future estimated portfolio losses.

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