Software to Help You Budget with Confidence, Quickly Generate Reports, and Automate Data Entry

Don’t Let Spreadsheets Limit Your Ability to Grow

Quickly Import Data from Core System

Store up to Five Years of History
Forecast up to Five Years of Balances, Income, and Expense

Choose Your Preferred Level of Detail for Board Reporting

Use Software that Saves You Time and
Gives You Better Analysis for Informed Decision-Making

Avoid Human Error in Data Entry

No More Broken or Complicated Formulas

Generate Financial Reports to Satisfy Board Expectations

Import Core
Data with
a Single Click

Don’t waste hours or days inputting data into a spreadsheet. A click of the mouse brings in your entire General Ledger so you can begin forecasting and modelling.

Variable Forecasting with Ease

With comprehensive modelling, view a 5-year time horizon with income, balance, and interest.

Forecast Rate, Volume, and Changes to Portfolio Yield and See Resulting Income without changing modules.

Determine the
Right Mix to Hit
Growth Targets

Based on what is maturing, quickly calculate the new business per month to hit performance targets.

Quickly and confidently calculate Interest, Yield, and Average Balance Needed.

Easy-to-Generate Board Reports

Quickly generate forecasts and board reports on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Give them the ideal level of detail to satisfy expectations without burdening them with data.

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easy-to-use budgeting software?

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