Lunch ‘n Learns 
The following videos will show you how to get your month-end numbers into Compass, …
Lunch 'n Learn - Red Flags! Who Needs ‘Em? Not You!

Let’s review the two most common asked about red flags, why they are important and how to correct them.

Lunch 'n Learn - PPP Loans; Recording, Forecasting, & Measuring Impact

PPP Loans; let’s review setting them up in Compass, how to forecast the portfolio and what reports to use for best measuring impact.

Lunch 'n Learn - Budgeting and Planning in Times of Uncertainty

Did your 2020 Budget include the possibility of a global pandemic? Well, you’re not alone. Most institutions didn’t see this one coming either. Our clients are asking questions such as, “How do I handle negative rates? How will the change to the economy impact my loan portfolio? And what about the effect on my budget?” In these difficult times, Plansmith is here to help.

Lunch 'n Learn - Compass Version 8.3.60 (39:50)
The latest Compass release is almost here, and we want to give you the lowdown. Join us for a Lunch ‘n Learn as we give you a sneak peek of the newest enhancements, coming the week of October 24th!

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Lunch n Learn Compass New Release Oct 2016

Lunch n' Learn - Budgeting and Planning FAQs (47:48)
Get all of your budgeting/planning questions answered once and for all!


Lunch n' Learn - Budgeting Wrap-Up (36:56)
You’ve finalized your budget – now what? Learn what to do after your budget is complete during this interactive Lunch ‘n Learn.

Budget Wrap Up 2017.01.17

Lunch n' Learn - Communicate Your Numbers Like a Pro (35:05)
You have the numbers, but how do you make them tell your banks story? Learn how to use numbers to communicate like a pro during this interactive Lunch ‘n Learn.

Communicate Your Numbers Like a PRO

Lunch n' Learn - Forecasting & What-ifs (48:46)
You have a budget, but now it’s off! What do you do? Learn how to reforecast your plan during this interactive Lunch ‘n Learn!

Reforecast 2017.04.18

Lunch n' Learn - Pricing Model Maintenance (41:57)
How do you maintain pricing models when market rates are changing? Watch the recording to hear best practices, presentation tips, and a live Q&A.

Pricing Models 2017.05.23_Handout

Lunch n' Learn - Maximize the Compass Add-ins for Excel (40:50)
You may already have the Compass Add-In for Excel, but are you using it to its fullest potential? Learn about the custom set of Excel functions that let you automate your spreadsheets during this interactive Lunch & Learn.

Excel Add In 2017.07.27

Lunch n' Learn - Compass Clean Up (51:25)
For banks and credit unions, fall is planning season. Learn how to get your Compass housekeeping done before budgeting starts during this interactive Lunch & Learn.

Compass Checklist


Lunch n' Learn - All About Reports (40:49)
Lunch n' Learn - Budgeting Q&A (36:44)
Lunch n' Learn - Plansmith Resources (31:23)
Lunch n' Learn - All About Graphs (36:03)
Lunch n' Learn - Executive Dashboard (36:55)
Lunch n' Learn - New Compass Version 8.3.62


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