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You Don’t Have to Guess What Your Market Wants

Just because you don’t have a large budget or research department doesn’t mean you can’t get useful data on your market.

Get Real Insight
Into Your Market

Client Engagement

Offer the Perfect Products/Services

Make Confident
Strategic Decisions

Don’t Let the Fear of Making the Wrong Choice Prevent You From Taking Action

We get it. It’s difficult to create a proactive strategic plan without up-to-date, actionable intelligence. Doing nothing isn’t an option, but making the wrong strategic decision could cost your organization. We’ve seen firsthand how a lack of market data can limit the success of financial institutions.

Our Expert Strategic Advisors have guided more than three hundred financial institutions over the past 20 years to get the market intelligence they need to make better strategic decisions and grow their market share.

Plansmith’s Proven Approach Will Help You Discover the Best Way to Position Yourself in a Local Market

– Perform a High Level Market Review
– Identify Market Potential
– Assess Existing Strategies
– Set New Strategic Initiatives
– Build Branch Level Strategies
– Grow in Your Market

Our Strategic Advisors Take the Guesswork Out of Market Planning

As financial professionals, we understand how hard it is to know what kind of market potential exists and what products and services they want. We’re here to help you:

Identify the Right Products to Offer

Determine Where to Open Branches

Build Branch-Level Strategic Initiatives

Join Thousands of Community Banks and Credit Unions Who Trust Plansmith to Help them Plan, Budget, Mitigate Risk, and Execute for Success

Getting a Better Understanding of Your Market is Easy!

Getting a Better Understanding of Your Market is Easy!

Gain Real Intelligence to Proactively Compete in Your Market

Make Confident Strategic Decisions and Grow Your Market Share

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Don’t Let a Lack of Market Intelligence Keep You From Being Competitive

Not knowing your real market opportunities and what your customers want could result in:

Offering the Wrong Products/Services

Wasted Resources on Ineffective Efforts

Declining Market Share

Get in Touch with a Strategic Advisor Today and Become the Proactive Market Leader Your Financial Institution Needs to Sustainably Grow

Make Sure Your Organization Stays Ahead of the Market

To stay relevant within your market, you need to know what your market wants and create a plan that meets those needs. But what if you don’t have the resources, tools, or time to analyze your local market? You are left reacting to what competitors are doing instead of proactively creating winning strategies.

You shouldn’t have to guess what your market wants.


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We understand how difficult it is to create a proactive strategy without up-to-date information on your market. Making the wrong decision because you didn’t have the right information will cost you time, money, and clients. Our expert advisors have guided more than three hundred banks and credit unions over the past 45 years get actionable, local market intelligence to create successful strategies and outgrow the competition.

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In the meantime, Watch This Video to see how you can make better decisions and grow market share by using Market Intelligence from Plansmith. Don’t waste your efforts on ineffective marketing strategies or offer the wrong products and services. Get actionable market intelligence and develop strategies to take the guesswork out of market planning.

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