Forecasting, Budgeting & Planning

The tutorials in this section will review how to update the Compass forecast, edit assumptions and finalizing year end procedures

Account Projections Overview (9:14)

Learn how this screen allows you to model the growth, pricing, income and expense of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement.

Forecasting Overview (13:42)

Forecasting: Applying Manual Edits and Growth Models to the Balance Sheet

Forecast Editing Tools (11:49)

The Quick Edit feature provides great power with several shortcut and calculation aides

Forecasting Webinar (57:32)

This 57-minute webinar reviews the different types of growth models, how to forecast using these growth models, and methods for forecasting non-interest income and non-interest expense.

Forecasting Growth

Rounding Out Your Assumptions Webinar (1:05:49)

View this 65-minute session to learn how Optionality is addressed in Compass through the Put/Call Feature and Prepayment Modeling. Understand the application of Decay and Alternate Discount Rates on Non-maturing Deposits (NMD). Review the input and functionality of Taxes and Dividends within the model.

Assumption Documentation Guide

Assumption Recap


Building Your Annual Budget Webinar (26:57)

This 45-minute webinar reviews best practice techniques for creating your annual budget and locking your budget for the new year.

Compass Best Practice Techniques Handout

Suspend Auto Reforecasting During Budget Approval (10:37)

Learn how to suspend auto reforecasting to get your month-end download complete during budget approval times.

Locking the Budget (6:23)

Learn how to use the Lock Budget feature to transfer the projections into the Budget Tab

Year-End Shift (8:21)

This tutorial reviews the process referred to as shifting the databasewhich is necessary to accommodate projected data for a new 12-month period by moving the prior year’s actual data and storing it as history.


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