Monthly Processing Tutorials

The tutorials in this section review Compass ways to load historical financial data as well as maturity and repricing information on the existing portfolio.

Monthly Download (19:47)

Learn how DataBridge is the part of Compass that automates the process of reading data files extracted from your other data
processing systems.

Click on the links below to view and download Compass training materials.

Compass Monthly Download Checklist – single plan

Rate Forecast (2:39)

Plansmith provides an optional automated download of a rate forecast from Blue Chip Financial Forecasts©, which surveys 50 of the country’s top economic forecasting firms.

Red Flags (14:47)

Learn how to identify and correct Red Flags, which indicate that a logic or data error exists within the account.

Compass Red Flags Document

Add a New Account (15:02)

Learn how to add a new account to your Compas Chart of Accounts


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