Other Services 

Additional services and features to enhance the Compass program.


Training is always included with any new set-up purchase on a BankersGPS, Budget Compass, Budget Compass Plus, or Financial Compass program.

You may find a need for additional training after your set-up training has been completed. Most reasons for this is having new staff come in or enough time has passed that you could benefit from a refresher course.


Please send us an email or give us a call if you’d like more information on:


  • Personalized New User Coaching
  • Personalized Refreshed Coaching
  • Group-based Advanced Coaching
  • BankersGPS Coaching
  • Standard Support
Data Tune-Up

The goal for any Compass user is better budgeting, what-if testing, and/or IRR reporting. You are taking a copy of your institution and putting it in Compass so it’s very important to recognize that over time, your institution evolves with new products, new pricing, new GL details and it’s important to make sure Compass is continuously evolving with it!


If you are getting red flags or see a need for better compass detail, please send us an email or give us a call so we can discuss the scope of what a tune-up can do for your Compass model.

Rate Forecast

Plansmith provides an optional automated download of a rate forecast from Blue Chip Financial Forecasts©, which surveys 50 of the country’s top economic forecasting firms.

Branches and Cost Centers

Learn about branch and department planning in order to achieve accountability and measure profitability.

Excel Add- In

The Excel Add-In for Compass provides a way to access Compass plan data directly in an Excel spreadsheet to create liquidity stress tests, custom reports, and build unique charts.

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard is the reporting capability that creates Internet-based, point and click analysis at a glance, distilled from the vast quantities of information in your Compass.

Non-Parallel Rate Shocks

Financial Compass Non-Parallel Shock module calculates risk based upon a Static Balance Sheet assumption with market rate path scenarios created by a sophisticated statistical analysis of historical Yield Curves.

Competitive GPS - Peer Analysis

Watch how easily you can create unlimited custom peer groups with key metrics from any bank in the country. See Best-in-Class performance, loan quality, yield and cost data, and capital comparisons.


Plansmith ALM Advisory Experts Are Ready to Support You with Training, Facilitation, and Specialized Reporting

Our Staff Includes Former Examiners and Capital Market Specialists Are Ready to Support Your Team

  • Add Bandwidth without increasing Staff
  • Get Experienced, Objective Analysis
  • Develope Plans to Mitigate Risk
  • Improve ALCO Board Reporting

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