Interest Rate Risk

This section of tutorials reviews how Compass performs all risk measurements and provides the ability to test future courses of action.

Rate Shock Compute (11:10)

Learn the different options for both Parallel and Non-Parallel Rate Shocks.

Offering Rate Betas (5:29)

Learn how to view the offering rate report to see your beta assumptions

Rate Shock Income (5:29)

Learn the theories and methodologies  of short-term Rate Risk measurement

Alternative Discount and Decay Rates (5:29)

Learn about alternate discount and decay rates and how to apply them in Compass.



Rate Shock EVE (6:46)

Learn the theories and methodologies associated with long-term Rate Risk measurement.

Rate Risk Bubbles Graph (9:20)

Learn how to read and analyze the Rate Risk Bubbles graph

Non-Parallel Rate Shock Webinar (1:06:05)

This 60-minute webinar reviews the functionality of the Non Parallel Rate Shock feature.

Present Value (6:27)

Learn the theories and methodologies on Present Value.

Producing Rate Risk Reports (4:06)

Learn how to produce Rate Risk reports directly from your Compass Reports Directory. 

Essential IRR Reports (8:40)

Learn about the most essential reports for Interest Rate Risk and how Compass performs all risk measurements and provides the ability to adjust as your policies and regulators dictate.

Additional IRR Reports (12:14)

Watch how Compass Risk Management allows you to demonstrate action plans that produce good results

Risk Compass Report (7:30)

Learn how to produce the Risk Compass rate risk report package.

Using Future Risk Analysis (29:55)

Learn how Compass lets you test future courses of action so that you can adjust to current and future challenges.


Risk Tolerance Overview (8:16)

How much Risk can you afford? Learn how this report analyzes the reductions in your financial institution’s equity that would cause the equity to fall to the minimum required ratio to assets.


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